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About Ms Snee...

Emily Snee is a musician, poet/lyricist, actor, writer, producer and tea-drinker based in London, England. The majority of her life has been shaped by slightly strange and vaguely amusing juxtapositions: She is outgoing and introverted! She is hard-headed and soft-hearted! She is deeply cynical and completely idealistic! Emily Snee is basically a jaded old soul with a very spirited and mischievous inner child, and these two parts continually fight for control of her mind/body. 

Emily has a passion for multiple art forms, and has always been highly creative. Originally expressing her deepest thoughts and feelings through spoken word poetry, she began writing her first songs in 2006 - keeping them to herself for years. From 2009 to 2012 she trained as an actor and theatre maker on East 15 Acting School’s BA (Hons) World Performance, and dabbled in the worlds of theatre and stand up comedy before finally gaining the courage to share her music in August 2014 with a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Snee was reviewed as having “natural stage presence and charm” and performing “sweet, heartfelt stuff… [that] will make your heart hurt a little…” (ThreeWeeks)

In late 2014 she released her debut album 'So Far…'  a collection of songs and poems influenced by years of listening to 1970’s folk music, american spoken word poetry and early 2000s british indie rock. The album was described as ‘a combination of frankness, fearlessness and sincerity’ (FolkWords). Since then intimate songs filled with raw honesty and soulful vocals offset with simple accompaniment have become Snee’s solo calling card.


In 2015 she began a collaborating with other musicians and forming her band, The Fascinators. Dubbing what they do as ‘drag rock' the band plays heavy metal music with a theatrical twist; with influences ranging from Queen and Regina Spektor, to Black Sabbath, Metallica and Motorhead. They have a sound like the lovechild of post punk, proto-metal, and prog rock.


Emily is currently producing live events/performances, writing and gigging with The Fascinators, and working on songs for her next solo offering, as well as creative collaborations and commissions composing for other people and their projects.

You can also check what Emily’s been up to lately by having a peek at her BLOG.


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